The Tri-Community Photography Program Welcomes You!

12 Weeks, Only 245 Bucks For Winter 2017. It Includes 17 New Courses (Of 26 Offered) And The Use Of Labs and Studios!

The Winter, 2017 Term of the Tri-community Photo Program begins MONDAY, November 28th and ends SATURDAY, March 5th, 2017, with an impressive roster of heavy hitters for the new term. Included in the new lineup is our incredible new, 40,000 sq.ft. ultra-modern Tri-Community Photography Center, where photographers on...Read More »

You can go to school FOR LESS!

 Tri-Community Commercial Photography Program, Where Creativity Is An Experience! 

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ANNUAL PASS Buying the new Annual Pass is the perfect way to ensure your enjoyment of the Tri-Community Photography Program for the remainder of the school year while at the same time you’ll save some money and gain some great additional benefits. Register in person at the School or register by mail (click to download Registration form). Enroll for just the current term or buy an Annual Pass and save money!

(The “Focal Point” publication is full of information about the Tri-Community Photo Program’s classes, instructors, special seminars, and more.

Click on the link below and pull up a copy to read all about the program! Click here to read the Focal Point for all the details of our great photography program.

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  • 4x5-control-elem-pro-comp
  • 4x5-beauty-lighting-simplified
  • 4x5-flash-artistry-light
  • 4x5-family-portraits-perspectiv
  • 4x5-elements-of-studio-lighting
  • 4x5-dynamic-elements-landscape
  • 4x5-photog-with-patience
  • 4x5-perfect-light-123-stu-loc
  • 4x5-off-camera-facts-fiction
  • 4x5-mystery-glamour-light-poste
  • 4x5-pro-portlightfeatureenhan
  • 4x5-power-of-the-face
  • 4x5-portraiture-compositsecrets
  • 4x5-photoshop-identity
  • 4x5-wed-photog-moments

Enroll for classes in:

  • PHOTO 465: Photographing Family Portraits: Perspective. Perception. Preservation.
  • PHOTO 9: Location Photography!
  • PHOTO 47: Photoshop: Digital Retouching Techniques
  • PHOTO 466: Portraiture & The Secrets Of Compositing Magic
  • PHOTO 467: The Dynamics Of Landscape Photography!
  • PHOTO 468: Elements Of Studio Lighting!
  • PHOTO 1: How To Take Better Pictures
  • PHOTO 108: ProShow Producer (Basic)
  • PHOTO 469: Flash & The Artistry Of Lighting!
  • PHOTO 470: Photoshop: Identity
  • PHOTO 70: Digital Made Easy
  • PHOTO 471: Wedding Photography: From Moments To Memories
  • PHOTO 472: Photographing With Patience: Kids, Candids, Chaos & Creativity!
  • PHOTO 473: Off Camera Flash: Facts & Fiction
  • PHOTO 46: Photoshop For Photographers (Beginning)
  • PHOTO 102: Photoshop: Lightroom
  • PHOTO 474: Digital Imagining
  • PHOTO 475: The Power Of The Face: A Roadmap To Lighting Portraits!
  • PHOTO 476: Controlling The Elements Of Professional Composition!
  • PHOTO 477: Beauty Lighting Simplified!
  • PHOTO 478: Exploring The Mysteries Of Glamour Lighting!
  • PHOTO 479: Professional Portrait Lighting For Feature Enhancement
  • PHOTO 480: Perfect Lighting 1,2,3 In The Studio & On Location!
  • PHOTO 481: Creating Dramatic Impact In Composition!
  • PHOTO 402: Focus On Fonts!